Our business cases

Recent projects included:

Asia entry strategy and execution

VDS Healthcare was asked to develop and support an Asia strategy for a mid-sized Specialty Pharma company with ambitions beyond Europe. In-depth analyses showed potential for selected products in specific markets. These product/market combinations were mapped and through the VDS Healthcare network the most promising partners with a solid reputation and strong presence in the relevant TCs were selected. Simultaneously registration activities that were started by the client before VDS Healthcare was appointed were mapped and through regular contact with the selected agencies bottle-necks were detected and activities started to speed-up the process. 

China market re-launch

VDS Healthcare was asked to evaluate the potential of a branded generic prescription drug from a European manufacturer for China. For several years the product was performing below expectations due to lack of focus and attention of the selected partner. Seeing an excellent opportunity for the product, VDS Healthcare was appointed as agent and given the rights to sell the product in China. The VDS Healthcare team was able to end the contract with the previous partner in good faith, successfully managed the transition and re-launched the product in China through its network. Since the product was transferred to us we managed a fast uptake and have been able to maintain the price in a difficult environment by staying close to the markets and supporting the sales organizations. We are on track to grow sales and create a multi-million branded generic for this product in China.

We are currently screening the client’s portfolio for additional products to be launched in China.Together with the client we are also looking at commercial opportunities outside of its own portfolio, dedicated for the Chinese market.

China market launch

Responding to a client’s request VDS Healthcare prepared a detailed launch plan for a new medical device in China within 3 weeks. After preparation and presentation of this plan VDS Healthcare was selected for phase 2: set-up and guidance of a team of marketing and sales professionals in Shanghai who could implement the plan. The team was selected through its existing network. After a detailed launch process was prepared the team was transferred to the client. As a third step VDS Healthcare is now employed to investigate market expansion opportunities in selected countries in Asia with the objective to prepare the product’s commercialisation outside China.

Other examples

VDS Healthcare has been involved in a number of projects ranging from market investigations to the launch of derma-cosmetics and healthcare food in China and other countries in Asia. The process that we follow is rigorous and will always start with the development of a solid plan after assessment of the potential of the products.

VDS Healthcare has the capabilities to both develop and implement its plans in close collaboration with its clients and is willing to risk-share in the projects; this distinguishes VDS Healthcare from the traditional consultants.